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Engineering capabilities include electrical and mechanical CAD & CAM, turnkey system design, controller hardware and software development and product mechanical packaging design. We'll handle your product's peripheral needs such as creating development tools and simulators while your engineers focus on your product's primary needs. 

Manufacturing capabilities include PCB surface-mount and hand assembly, mechanical fabrication, ultrasonic welding, sealing and potting, cable and harness fabrication and product testing. We are scaled to keep your lower volume product lines profitable.

Prototype Assembly capabilities include low volume automated or manual surface-mount assembly and hand assembly of thru-lead PCBs. Your engineering department can be freed up to focus on product development rather than low-volume prototype builds. 

Materials Procurement is a service that is available to support your manufacturing projects within ESS or as a direct service to customers. Materials can be located, ordered and shipped straight to your facility. 

Core Services: 

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