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The surface mount lab at ESS facilitates low cost prototype builds as easily as normal production volumes. Assembly of thru-hole technology is supported through assembly lines capable of rapid changeover and high mix products.


The HT-Series screen and stencil printer provides an accurate and labor saving process of applying solder paste to printed circuit boards.






The Quad IVc automatic surface mount pick and place assembler is designed for speed and flexibility. This machine features the QuadAlign centering system which provides precise, non-contact component measurement for placement accuracy "on the fly" with a rate range of 3,200 - 9,300 cph. In addition, the Quad Adhesive Dispenser automatically applies adhesive or solder paste to printed circuit boards. 


The Novastar reflow oven is a precise method of soldering surface mount components to circuit boards. This oven uses IR & Convection energy in a four zone system to provide excellent control of the thermal profile.  



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